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Comcast's corporate governance practices and policies promote fairness, transparency and accountability and reflect the Company's commitment to integrity in its dealings with all of its stakeholders.

Executive Officers

Learn more about our management team.

Board of Directors

This section contains our Board of Directors' biographies.

Board Committees

This section contains the composition and charters of our Board's committees.

Articles of Incorporation

This document, together with the By-Laws, comprises Comcast's governing instruments.


This document, together with the Articles of Incorporation, comprises Comcast's governing instruments.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

This document provides guidelines relating to the structure and functioning of our Board of Directors and the responsibilities of our directors.

Code of Conduct

Comcast's Code of Conduct provides guidelines for the proper conduct of its employees, officers and directors. Comcast believes that its business prospers most in an environment that is ethically sound.

Director and Executive Officer Ownership

This section contains our Employee Stock Ownership Policy and Non-Employee Director Stock Ownership Policy.


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